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Bahawalpur is among one of the best cities in Pakistan, where there is a wide exposure of cultivation and farming. The land is fully fertile and the climate is quite suitable for agriculture. Especially, when it comes to farming, Grape farming is one of the most profitable yet productive types of farming, which is highly recognized by the Government of Pakistan. The PAMCO (Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company) has entitled Bahawalpur as a Grapes Valley and has initiated several grape nurseries and orchards. This initiative will surely enhance the production of grapes in Bahawalpur and will give a platform of growing wide variety of grapes to the grape farmers. The futuristic visions of the Government towards the grapes valley are definitely worth to consider, moreover, the Government is fully intended to make Bahawalpur a progressive agriculture city.

AlFateh Farms is a highly cherished name in the field of farming and cultivation, who aim at providing the best productions to, not only Bahawalpur but to several other cities of Pakistan. We highly contribute in bringing the Grapes Valley to one of the top most Grapes exporters in Pakistan. We make correct use of soil and cultivate wide variety of grapes. AlFateh Farms specializes in cultivating different types of grapes and exporting them to different areas. Due to state of art techniques and methods, we are the first-class grape producers, who plan to give you the finest quality of multiple varieties of grapes.

We import the top-notch quality of distinct varieties of grapes from abroad such as:
  • Thompson (Seedless)
  • Perlette (Seedless)
  • Red Globe (Seeded)
  • Cardinal (Seeded)
  • Kings ruby (Seedless)
  • Narc black (Seeded)
  • Crimson (Seedless)
  • Flame (Seedless)
  • Sultana (Seedless)
  • Muscatil (Seeded)

Following are some of the varieties which we produce at our Nursery Farm

Red Globe grapes

Cardinal grapes
Crimson Red
Kings ruby






AlFateh farm provides you the opportunity to get authentic yet wise assistance regarding grapes farming as we entail highly experienced and competent people, who possess the capability to guide you, whenever you need help. We enhance your knowledge by giving our expert advices regarding not only Grapes farming but also tunnel farming, conventional farming and dairy farming. We help you cultivate several agric products with the help of our latest techniques and expert guidance.

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