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Tunnel Farming

Vegetables are the necessary food element to fulfill the needs of human body by giving it fundamental nutrition, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Due to the lack of awareness and immense climatic conditions in monsoon conditions, a large number of seasonal vegetables are wasted. To balance the loss and to avoid …

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Dairy Farming

Almighty Allah has endowed Pakistan with a very good inherent prospective for dairy expansion. Pakistan is a nation where milk and many other dairy products play a significant role in the fulfillment of human diet in rural and urban areas. Bahawalpur possesses a wide historic background in agriculture and dairy …

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Conventional Farming

The population of the world is growing by leaps and bound and so is the need of food. With the growing population, the chances of starvation have increased. Pakistan, having a population of around 173 million needs a proper growth of vegetables and other nutrients to fulfill the diet requirements …

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Grapes Farming

Bahawalpur is among one of the best cities in Pakistan, where there is a wide exposure of cultivation and farming. The land is fully fertile and the climate is quite suitable for agriculture. Especially, when it comes to farming, Grape farming is one of the most profitable yet productive types …

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