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Conventional Farming

The population of the world is growing by leaps and bound and so is the need of food. With the growing population, the chances of starvation have increased. Pakistan, having a population of around 173 million needs a proper growth of vegetables and other nutrients to fulfill the diet requirements of people.
Sweet Potato
Pakistan is famous for producing sweet potatoes on a wide scale. Over eight different agro-ecological zones are suitable to grow them and produce sweet potatoes from around 111,000 acres among which about 70%- 80% of the potatoes are grown in the irrigated plains of Central Punjab and NWFP.
Sugarcane is one of the fundamental cash crops in Pakistan. It grows in a range of climates from hot dehydrated environments to cool and moist surroundings. It is important from industrial perspective as it produces many of the byproducts such as alcohols, ethanol, biogases and press mud. Pakistan ranks at the fifth position in sugarcane production and is at 15th position in sugar production.
Peanut is now a major yield of more than 40 countries among, which Pakistan is one of the main peanut producers. It is mainly produced in rain-fed of Punjab and irrigated regions of NWFP and Sindh.
Cotton is the most demanded crop, which is used in clothing, fibers and in many other products. Pakistan produces cotton on a large scale. Lower Punjab is especially suitable for growing cotton because of the favorable climatic conditions.
Wheat is the integral part of a country’s productions. Pakistan is among the largest wheat producers. The dry climate of lower Punjab is accurate for the production of wheat.

Bahawalpur is enriched with fertile soil, which is so compatible for growing a wide number of vegetable through:
Conventional farming
Tunnel Farming
Conventional farming is one of the latest techniques, which is widely used to produce finest quality of vegetables with enhanced output. Actually, farming is certainly a risky business unless you do not possess awareness and skills to use the proper methodologies to get profits from it. The farmers are always concerned about the productions. Conventional farming is a type of farming, which involves big machinery and chemical farming. Dealing with chemicals and machinery is not an easy task, as it requires deep understanding and knowledge of how to make use of chemicals in order to get increased crop and progressive general productivity.
Alfateh farm is incorporated with a number of sanctioned and trained farmers who possess the knowledge of using chemicals and machinery in a suitable way. Over years, we are playing a fundamental role in producing large outputs of vegetables. Our expert farmers know how to balance the sprayers to apply the suitable amount of chemicals, which is certainly not an easy task.
We use latest methodologies to take the benefit from conventional farming. Here are some of the benefits of conventional farming:
The output of conventional farming is available for the consumers in affordable price
It takes less land with a lesser amount of resources
One can produce a large amount of food through conventional farming

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