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Tunnel Farming

Vegetables are the necessary food element to fulfill the needs of human body by giving it fundamental nutrition, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Due to the lack of awareness and immense climatic conditions in monsoon conditions, a large number of seasonal vegetables are wasted. To balance the loss and to avoid the lack of seasonal vegetables, Tunnel farming is introduced. This latest technique of growing off-season vegetables has overwhelmed the farmers and has increased the output of vegetable production. Another reason of why tunnel farming is getting intense popularity is the reasonable prices of off-seasons vegetables as compared to the insufficient prices of seasonal vegetables, which the farmers get by selling them in the market overloaded with seasonal vegetables.
Alfateh Farms are best known for growing off-seasons vegetables efficiently. The methods and techniques used by Alfateh Farms guarantees the enhanced output. We grow large number of vegetables in winters, which if grown in summers, are liable to different kinds of diseases, pests and insects. We grow them by balancing the temperature through updated technique of Tunnel Farming. By using quality tunnels and efficient mindsets, we reach the maximum production of vegetables every year.
Before encountering tunnel farming we make sure that the land is fertile and suitable for growing vegetables
We control the temperature and humidity till the vegetables are ripe
We ensure the protection of vegetables and tunnels form insects, wild animals and pests
According to the demand of vegetables, we make use of three structures of tunnels i.e.
Low tunnel
High tunnel

Here are some of the off-season vegetables, which we produce at maximum:

  • Water Melons
  • Tomato
  • Pepper
  • Melons
  • Brinjal
  • Cucumber
  • Melons and many more

Alfateh Farms have introduces the ways of how one can grow off-season vegetables and can get better yield and maximized crop. We make use of urea and irrigation in a better way through efficient yet profitable tunnel farming. Moreover, our expert farmers are highly motivated and use the hybrid seeds, which are the cause of maximized output of off-season vegetables.
Do you need our assistance? Yes, we are available to guide our worthy clients and customers to help you reach the maximized output and better quality of crop.

Tunnel Farming

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